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Brand Development

Large aspects of our modern lives are subjected to brands. We recognise that brands can demand higher prices, enjoy better margins and higher levels of customer loyalty than their competitors. At Racar our designer and engineers understand the importance of building a brand is more than just logos, packaging and communications campaigns. Everything we do is being judged by the end user.

Designing for Existing Brands

Existing brands may be defined by heritage or strict guidelines. Racar understands the importance of remaining consistent with the core brand values without becoming intimidated or overly constrained by the brand legacy. Racar will design products to remain true to brand values whilst delivering innovation to support or extended the product life cycle. Racar has multidisciplinary designer and engineers, who can work with open minds and listen carefully to the wider team.

Building New Brands

The process starts with understanding the client, its products, the competition, marketplace and the target end users and consumers of the products. Racar uses a number of techniques and asks questions of the clients, external suppliers, customers and non-customers of their perceptions of the company. We create a framework for change, which are realistic achievable targets to help the clients company excel to the brand values it seeks. This all forms part of the wider business development strategy and involve every member of the client's staff to engage in from the top to last customer facing employee.

With the brand and strategy defined, Racar can then support the client in the development of new products and work alongside strategic partners to help create a coherent and consistent brand.

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