Automotive & Product Design Engineering

Innovating Your Reality


Since 1989, Racar has been providing professional engineering services to many famous brands in the AutomotiveAerospace and SME sectors. Working behind the scenes to support design and delivery of world class brands. We do this with complete confidentiality and respect our clients security needs and integrity and above all we deliver world class design and engineering solutions.

Racar Technologies Limited is co-partnered with Racar Design providing cross Atlantic solutions to clients with global presences seamlessly. We provide an on-site close collaboration support as well and a secure off-site support in our US offices. We mirror our clients development programs and support their internal governance requirements to meet product development milestones.


Racar design services include Automotive, Product & Aerospace Interiors

Automotive Design

Exterior - Interior - BIW - Seating - EV

Product Design

Consumer - Luxury - Bespoke

Aerospace Interiors

Bespoke - Luxury - Crafted

My Work

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